What could happen if you delay a root canal?

phoenix root canal dentistThe idea of getting a root canal can make people uneasy. Fortunately, with the latest in dental technology, root canals have become safer, less painful and easier. Ignoring a tooth that needs a root canal, can lead to increase in pain, loss of tooth, and a formation of abscess that can be very dangerous for your life.

One reason that people will not put off a root canal is pain. Typically, it consists of a throbbing pain that lingers on. At Atrium Dental, the doctors can ease the pain by initiating a root canal. If the tooth has already an abscess, Dr. Foroughi can prescribe you some antibiotics and get you in to start the root canal. An abscess is caused by an infection inside of the pulp of the teeth. In some cases, the infection exits the root tip and destroys the surrounding bone. The natural defense system can contain and wall off the infection, but it is rare that the immune system alone can completely eliminate the infection. Abscesses typically worsen when ignored, posing a risk for a variety of complications, including: Increased pain, Tooth loss, spread of infection to surrounding areas, Sepsis, Pneumonia.

The good news is that a root canal can easily treat an abscess, and root canal therapy isn’t as torturous as some think. Most patients report that a getting a root canal feels like receiving a regular filling. At Atrium Dental, we have a variety of options available that will ease any anxiety you may have about treatment so you are comfortable at all times. We have headphones which patient can use to watch TV or listen to music while treatment is being done. Moreover, at Atrium Dental, we use the latest technology in endodontics to perform root canal treatments more quickly and precisely. We also, can use 3D x-rays to helps us better diagnosis and treat the infected teeth. Furthermore, if the patient still has anxiety about the procedure, we offer sedation dentistry. For more information about sedation, you can check out our website.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of an abscess, such as a fever, tooth pain, swollen glands and swelling of the gums. Contact your Phoenix dentist, Atrium Dental, today to schedule an exam.

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